Toro 3000 Series MyRide® 60″ 25.5HP 726cc Mower


This 3000 Series Z Master zero turn mower features the amazingly comfortable redesigned MyRIDE® Suspension System that rides like no other machine in the industry. A powerful commercial-grade 25.5 hp Kawasaki® FX 726cc engine with 60″ TURBO FORCE deck delivers impressive cutting results and durability at an outstanding value. The perfect zero turn for the landscape contractors and large acreage properties.

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  • Redesigned MyRIDE® Suspension System features a suspended operator platform and adjustable rear shocks to provide a superior ride
  • Professional quality performance from the 25.5 HP Kawasaki® FX 726cc Engine
  • 60″ (152 cm) TURBO FORCE deck features heat-treated steel blades and our patented adjustable discharge chute, nothing cuts as fast or as well
  • Superior Fuel Economy – up to 25% better fuel economy than equivalent carbureted engines


  • MyRide Maximum Comfort: The suspended operator platform allows for 3.6″ of travel and reduces impacts, bumps and vibrations that reach the operator, resulting in a superior ride.
  • Personalized Ride Settings: The operator can easily and quickly adjust rear shock ride settings to account for their personal ride preferences, without the use of tools!
  • Exclusive TURBO FORCE Deck: High-capacity TURBO FORCE decks deliver unsurpassed strength, a superior cut, and increased productivity in extreme mowing conditions. Equipped with a patented adjustable baffle, TURBO FORCE decks can be fine-tuned in order to conquer changing turf conditions.
  • Deluxe Suspension Seat: Deluxe suspension seat features thick cushions, large bolsters and 3-D isolator mounts that absorb bumps and vibrations to reduce operator fatigue.
  • 7-Gauge, High-Strength Steel: The TURBO FORCE deck is constructed of 7-gauge, high-strength steel which is 33% thicker and 32% higher in yield strength than ordinary 10-gauge commercial steel used in 7/10 decks. The combined effect is 75% stronger, so it easily handles the most demanding conditions and resists damage from impacts and abrasion.
  • Industry’s Toughest Spindle Assemblies: Toro’s rugged spindle assemblies survive impacts that would destroy lesser spindles. A stout cast iron housing with a massive base and six mounting bolts absorbs impact loads and distributes them across a broader area of the deck shell. Plus, the solid, one-inch diameter shaft is alloy steel, not the common lower-grade steel used in many competitive models. 72″ Deck will have tapered bearing only.
  • A Flat Crisp Cut with Precision Blades: (.250) thick precision blades resist flexing to provide a flat, crisp cut. High-strength, heat-treated alloy steel survives impacts and provides resistance to the rapid wear commonly associated with abrasive conditions. Options include Recycler® and Atomic® mulching blades, medium sail Bahai blades, and low sail sand blades.
  • Convenience and Comfort: Operator controls are conveniently located. Large 1-5/8″ (4.1 cm) diameter steering levers increase comfort and reduce fatigue. Handy storage compartment provides location for cell phone, tools, and more. Built-in cup holder provided.
  • Rubber Discharge Chute: High performance rubber discharge chute allows for close trimming without damaging chute or landscape structures. Patented design provides exceptional clipping dispersion.
  • Rugged Frame: A commercial-grade carrier frame, constructed of 3″ x 1.5″ tubular steel, supports the cutting deck and stands up to the rigors of professional use.
  • Folding Rollover Protection System ROPS: A Rollover Protection System (ROPS), complete with seat belt, comes standard for operator protection in the case of accidental rollovers and tipovers. In situations where sufficient vertical clearance is not available, such as loading on an enclosed trailer, the ROPS can be temporarily unlocked and folded down.


  • Engine: 25.5 HP* Kawasaki® FX 726cc
  • Fuel Capacity: Gasoline – 8 gallons – single-point fill
  • Adjustable Discharge Baffle: Standard
  • Air Filter: Heavy-Duty Canister
  • Anti-Scalp Wheels: 4 Standard, 1 Optional
  • Blade Tip Speed: 18,300+ ft/min (5,577.8 m/mim)
  • Blade Type: .25″ (.6 cm) thick heat-treated steel
  • Carrier Frame: 3″ x 1.5″ x 10 gauge
  • Caster Tires: 13″ x 6.5″-6″ pneumatic
  • Deck Design: 7-gauge 60″ (152 cm) TURBO FORCE® w/bull-nose bumper
  • Discharge Chute: Rubber
  • Drive Tires: 24″ x 12″ – 12″
  • Ground Speed: 10 mph forward
  • Height of Cut: 1.0″ – 5.5″ in 0.25 increments
  • Hour Meter: Standard
  • Hydraulic Fluid: Premium synthetic
  • Ignition: Electric Start, Standard
  • ROPS: Folding; standard
  • Comfort Platform: MyRIDE® Suspension System
  • Platform Travel: 3.6″
  • Shocks: 1 Center / 2 Rear
  • ISO Mounts: Qty 4, 2.5″ 3-D isolation mounts
  • Seat: Deluxe seat with padded armrests
  • Adjustability: 5 point adjustment on rear shocks
  • Spindle Housing: Cast iron
  • Steering Controls: 1-5/8″ (4.1 cm) diameter grips; adjustable, dampened


  • E-Z Vac Twin & Triple Bagger Systems: These baggers deliver the convenience and versatility essential to landscape professionals’ productivity. The no-tools, quick-release design allows you to remove the collection system with ease, making it a snap to alternate between bagging and side-discharge. E-Z VAC TWIN BAGGER Deck-mounted, spindle-driven fan; 2 commercial-grade mesh bags with reinforced front and bottom; 10 cu. ft. capacity (8 bushels). L 48″ deck – 102.3″ (259.8 cm)W 48″ deck – 63.8″ (162.1 cm) L 52″ deck – 102.3″ (259.8 cm)W 52″ deck – 67.7″ (172.0 cm) E-Z VAC TRIPLE BAGGER Deck-mounted, spindle-driven fan; 3 commercial-grade mesh bags with reinforced front and bottom; 16.7 cu. ft. capacity (13.4 bushels). L 60″ deck – 106.1″ (271.9 cm)W 60″ deck – 75.2″ (191.1 cm) L 72″ deck – 109.3″ (279.1 cm)W 72″ deck – 87.2″ (563.9 cm) NOTE: Length & width measurements are as installed.
  • E-Z Vac™ DFS Collection System: Quiet and powerful, the Toro E-Z Vac™ collection system is spindle-driven and offers quick conversion between bagging and side discharge without tools.The horizontal blower impeller is positioned parallel to, and above the mower deck creating continuous airflow from deck to collection system. The Dump-From-the-Seat (DFS) features allows you to dump debris in only seconds – without ever having to leave your seat! Deck-mounted, spindle-driven fan; Dump-From-the-Seat, commercial- grade steel and polyethylene hopper; 8.3 cu. ft. capacity (6.7 bushels). L 48″ deck – 103.2″ (262.0 cm)W 48″ deck – 63.9″ (162.3 cm)> L 52″ deck – 103.2″ (262.0 cm)W52″ deck – 67.8″ (172.1 cm) Deck-mounted, spindle-driven fan; Dump-From-the-Seat, commercial- grade steel and polyethylene hopper; 13.7 cu. ft. capacity (11 bushels). L 60″ deck – 107.1″ (271..9 cm)W 60″ deck – 75.2″ (191.1 cm) L72″ deck – 110.2″ (281.3 cm)W 72″ deck – 87.2″ (221.1 cm) NOTE: Length & width measurements are as installed.
  • Recycler® Mulching Kits: Recycler mulching kits deliver the industry’s finest mulching performance and reduce mowing time up to 38% vs. bagging*.*Respondents in a Texas A&M University study cut their lawns 38% faster when they didn’t bag.
    Optional Blades: In addition to the high sail blade, which comes standard on Z Master® Z590 Series mowers, additional 1/4″ (6 mm) blades are available to match regional and seasonal mowing conditions. Options include Recycler® and Atomic® mulching blades, medium sail Bahai blades, and low sail sand blades.
  • Light Kit: The lights easily mount to the mower frame and wiring quickly connects to the existing accessory circuit. Part # 107-9880 – 7000 Series and Z100-Z500 Part # 116-1154 – G3 and 3000/5000/6000 Series Part # 130-8469 – 8000 Series Direct Collect Z Part # 114-3505 – All Grandstands (2015 models and prior) Part # 133-1437 – All Grandstands (2016 models) Part # 133-1495 – All Grandstands (2016 models)
  • Toro Z Stand™: Exclusive Toro Z Stand provides an on-board tool to simply elevate the front end of the machine and provide access to the underside of the deck. Part # 105-1622 Z Stand Kit – Z200, Z500, 7000 Series Part # 117-0354 Z Stand Kit – 72″ 5000/6000 Series (Excludes Rear Discharge 74944) Part # 121-4811 Z Stand Kit – 48″-60″ 2000/3000/5000/6000 Series
  • Sun Shades: Optional fabric sun shade provides protection and comfort by shielding the operator from the elements. See a dealer near you for pricing and availability. Part # 115-4510 – Sunshade – All Z-Masters with ROPs Part # 110-1996 – Cool Top-ROPs Mounted Fan – 7000/Z500 Series only
  • Utility Bags: Toro® utility bags for riding mowers are ideal for holding trash, tools, keys, and cell phones. They keep landscaping pros on the go and productive by transporting the essentials they need to get the job done. The lightweight yet durable bags are constructed of heavy-duty mesh fabric to keep contents secure, visible and within reach. They’re available in over-the-seat and armrest styles and in sizes that match varying machines and mowing needs.
  • Cool Tops™ Downdraft System: Available exclusively from Toro, the Cool Tops downdraft system is a patented, 12-volt fan that can be mounted to Toro® Z Master® riding mowers equipped with a roll-over protection system (ROPS) – whether old or new. It’s designed to promote comfort and productivity by keeping motor heat, insects, and debris off equipment operators. The Cool Tops heavy-duty, S Blade Trimline fan utilizes the power system of a mower’s traction unit to deliver an output of 1800 cubic feet per minute (cfm) (50.9 cubic metres per minute) air flow. The fan’s sturdy construction measures 25 inches (63.5 cm) long by 20.5 inches (52 cm) wide and includes a steel frame, plus a waterproof motor and switch.
  • Deluxe Rider Cover: Heavy-duty waterproof cover is abrasion- and tear-resistant. Vented design helps minimize heat and moisture build-up. Part # 490-7319 Deluxe Rider Cover – All Z-Masters
  • Operator-Controlled Discharge Chute: Landscape friendly rubber discharge chute provides complete control of clippings. with three discharge settings, from wide open to blocked, the OCDC will put the clippings where you want them and not in beds, streets, etc. The integral design allows the discharge chute to remain in place and on the machine, reducing the risk of personal injury and property damage.

*The gross horsepower of these engines was laboratory rated at 3600 rpm by the engine manufacturer in accordance with SAE J1940 or SAE J2723. As configured to meet safety, emission and operating requirements, the actual engine horsepower on these mowers will be significantly lower.